The Agile Group headquarter moved from Zhongshan to Guangzhou and settled in Guangzhou International Finance Center (IFC), the core business district of Zhujiang New Town.

Brand new projects were successfully launched and subscription, including “Agile Mountain” of Guangzhou, “Platinum Garden” of Chengdu, “The Magnificence” of Nanjing, Agile Garden Shenyang, “Agile Montblanc” of Xi’an, “Flowing Garden” of Conghua, “Agile Garden City South” of Panyu, “New Legend” of Zhongshan and “Xiuli Lake Long Beach Peninsula” of Zhongshan, and all were well-receive by the market. New phases of existing projects were successfully launched for sales, including “Vendome” of La Cité Greenville Zhongshan, “Sky Range” of Cambridgeshire Guangzhou, Imperial Palace Nanhai Phase 2, “Cosmos Palace” of Agile Jardin Lecong, “Jiangshan Road No. 6” of Agile International Garden Chongqing, “The Lakeside” of Egret Lake Huizhou, “Fenghui” of Yubinfu Zengcheng and “The Floral” of Uptown Huadu.

Projects including Nanjing Pukou District, Foshan Chancheng District Project, Majestic Garden Sanshui, Changzhou Longcheng Avenue Project had commenced construction.

Shanghai Marriott Hotel City Centre and Infinity Ocean Beach Resort Hainan had soft opening.

Agile successfully acquired new land parcels in Moon Bay of Wenchang City in Hainan, Dadukuo District of Chongqing City, Baisha Town, Zhongmou County of Zhengzhou City in Henan Province, Xi’an Qujiang New District, Nongmohu District of Ruili in Yunnan Province, Huiyang District of Huizhou City and Tengchong County of Yunnan Province.

Agile has successfully issued 9.875% Senior Notes due 2017 in an aggregate principal amount of USD700 million with The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) and UBS AG.

“Agile” trademark was recognized by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce as a “China’s Well-known Trademark” 2011.

The corporate family and debt ratings of Agile were raised by Moody’s Investors Service Inc. to “Ba2” with a “stable” outlook, which is one of the best in the industry.

Housing developments as of The Magnificence Nanjing, Guangzhou Science City Project, No.107 National Road Commercial Project Huada, Panyu Southern District Project, Conghua Jiekou Town Project, Agile Cambridgeshire Zhongshan, Shenchong Project Zhongshan, Zhongshan Wugui Mountain Xiuli Lake Project, and Foshan Chancheng District Project etc., have successively commenced construction.

New projects, including Agile Linghui Huadu, Agile Uptown Huada, Agile Seven Mile Sea Guangzhou, Gorgeous Days Panyu, Agile Yubinfu Zengcheng, Imperial Palace Nanhai, Agile Jardin Lecong, Agile Baron Hill Zhongshan, Agile Yorkshire Zhongshan etc., have been successively launched for sale, while Agile Garden Xi’an, Agile Binjiang Garden Conghua achieved the closing sale. Tianjin Jinnan New City, a joint venture project with the industry’s top developers, initialed public offering. In addition, the sales centre of Shenyang Project has been opened to the public.

Shanghai Marriott Hotel City Centre commenced operations as the first 5-star hotel that the Group jointly developed with internationally renowned hotel management companies. The hotels located in Hainan including of Raffles Sanya Clearwater Bay and JW Marriott Clearwater Bay Resort and Spa are currently under construction. Xiqiao Metropolis Square which is located in Xiqiao Town, Nanhai, Foshan, being the first integrated one-stop shopping centre in Xiqiao, has commenced the trial operation.

Agile has successively obtained some parcels of land in Gaofeng village of Sanshui district of Foshan city, Chang’an district of Xi’an city and Nanli Lake of Ding’an county of Hainan Province by way of bidder and tender.

Agile has successfully issued 4.0% convertible bonds of US$500,000,000, and has been granted fixed-term bank facilities of US$100 million and HK$390 million successively.

Agile Garden Huadu, Agile International Garden Chongqing, Agile Royal Mount Zhongshan, Guangzhou Asian Games City Project and Agile Xiyue Zhongshan were officially launched.

Panyu Southern District Qingxin Road Project, Huadu Furong Town Project, Panyu Shilou Town Project, Guangzhou Zengcheng Project, Zhongshan Tanzhou Yuzhou cun Project, Zhongshan Zhangjiabian Project, La Nobleu Nanhai, Shenyang Puhe New City Project, Shunde Lecong Project, Tianjin Jinnan Project were started construction.

Agile Property successfully acquired Agile Royal Mount Zhongshan, Zhongshan Wuguishan Xiuli Lake Project, Huadu 107 National Road Project, Sanshui Gaofeng Village Project, Foshan Chancheng District Project, Nanjing Jiangning Project, Nanjing Pukou District Qilihe Project, Shenyang Shenbei Project and Hainan Chengmai Project. Agile set up a joint venture company with peers and develop the project in Tianjin City Jinnan District together.

Agile Property successfully made financing in amount of USD775 million and HKD2.39 billion by Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Standard & Chartered Bank, Deutsche Bank, The Bank of east Asia, Hang Seng Bank, Bank of China(Macau), Tai Fung Bank, etc..

Agile Property grandly held its 18th anniversary celebration party cum partner social activity of 2010 with the theme of “To Cast the Glory of 18 Years Together (輝煌十八載 全賴有你)” in Hainan.

Agile successfully acquired a site in Jiangning District, Nanjing City and subsequently acquired a site in New District of Shenyang which is adjacent to the site of Shenyang Puhe New City Project.

Official launch of Hainan Clearwater Bay,Agile Garden Xi’an, Agile Garden Shunde, Agile Cambridgeshire Guangzhou, all of which received remarkable market response.

Agile successively entered into hotel management agreements for “Sheraton Bailuhu Resort, Huizhou”, “Raffles Sanya, Clearwater Bay, China”, “Outrigger Qingshui Bay Resort, Sanya, China”, “JW Marriott Qingshui Bay Resort & Spa”, “Hilton Qingshui Bay, Hainan”, “Jumeirah Qingshui Bay Resort”.

Official construction of Agile Cambridgeshire Guangzhou, Phase One of Huadu No.107 National Road Project, Zhongshan Kuchong Project, Guangzhou Zhujiang New City B1-7 Project, Nanhai Xiqiao Commercial Project commenced successively. Structural Engineering of Agile International Plaza Shanghai was completed.

Agile successively acquired the sites in Foshan Nanhai Yanbu District, Shenyang Shenbei New District, Panyu Southern District, Huadu No.107 National Road, Zhonghshan Nanlang Cuiheng Village, Zhongshan Tanzhou Yuzhou Town, Shunde Lecong Town, Conghua Jiekou Town, Jiangsu Changzhou Longcheng Road, Guangzhou Science City through auction or listing, and also jointly acquired the land use right of a site in Guangzhou Asian Game City with Country Garden Holdings Company Limited and Guangzhou R&F Properties Co., Limited through auction.

Agile successfully issued guaranteed senior notes in amount of USD 300 million in 7 years term.

The foundation laying ceremony of Raffles Sanya, Qingshui Bay, China was grandly held in Hainan Clearwater Bay.

Agile entered into an agreement with Morgan Stanley, a world-renowned institutional investor, to jointly develop the Hainan Clear Water Bay. The project, which involves an investment of over RMB20 billion, will be developed into a large comprehensive tourism and resort community.

Grand launch of Agile Garden Nanjing.

Official signing of the hotel management agreement with Shanghai Marriott Hotel City Center.

Agile three adjacent land sites located in Yingzhou Town, Lingshui County, Hainan Province, with a site area of approximately 2,900,000 sq.m. and a total GFA of approximately 4,350,000 sq. m., were acquired at a total consideration of approximately RMB900 million through listing for sale. Moreover, Agile acquired the land use rights of two land sites, with a site area of approximately 1,700,000 sq. m. and a total GFA of 2,550,000 sq. m., at a total consideration of approximately RMB500 million.

Agile celebrated its 15th anniversary and promoted latest ideal—“building the future with heart and vision”.

With the official launch of“Agile ecological environmental protection day”, Agile’s projects nationwide gradually started their environmental protection programs.

Agile Group consolidated resources and established five regional operations namely Zhongshan region, Guangzhou region, Foshan region, East Guangdong region and outer provinces region. By adopting a region management system, Agile will delicate the work and responsibility to lower tiers of the system..

Agile continually acquired land use rights through auction for several land plots in Hainan, Shanghai, Shunde, western Zhongshan, Nanhai Xiqiao, Chongqing, Shenyang, Eastern Zhongshan, Zhengcheng, Enping, Nanjing and Huadu.

The Group started ERP system, which enhanced management with cutting-edge digital technology.

According to the report named “Top 10 Listed Real Estate Companies in China in 2006 Research”, Agile Property is ranked the fourth by comprehensive strength among all the Hong Kong listed mainland Chinese real estate companies.

The Group compiled and released operation and management handbook in two times, strengthening further basic management and standardizing operation procedures of the company.

Agile acquired through auction the land use rights of a number land plot including Nanjing, Heyuan, Dacong, Chengdu, Shaxi, Hainan, Zhujiang new town, Huizhou, Sanshui, Huadu and Xian etc.

Agile was added into the Morgan Stanley Capital International China Index and the Hang Seng Composite Index and Hang Seng Freefloat Composite Index.

Agile Property Holdings Ltd was listed on the main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange. As at the end of 2005, Agile held 18 projects.

Agile Property Development Ltd was awarded National First Class Property Developer.

2001 Agile Property Management Ltd was awarded National First Class Property Management Enterprise.

2000 Developed Agile Garden, Guangzhou, South Lagoon Guangzhou, Nanhai Majestic Garden and Huadu Grand Garden, which were gradually launched into the market in 2002 and 2003.

1999 Agile Property Management Company was accredited ISO9002 certification, which brought quality of management to a new level.

1999 The philosophy of Green Architecture was put into practice with the development of La Cite Greenville.

1997 Zhongshan Agile Group Ltd was founded.

1997 The development of Majestic Garden was pronounced as the successful move towards high-end property market.

1993 Established Agile Property Management Services Ltd and implemented Hong Kong style property management services.

1992 Zhongshan Agile Property Development Ltd was founded, realizing the strategy shift of the Group.

1992 Developed Zhongshan Agile Garden, which enjoyed high recommendations from Hong Kong and Macau residents and became a hit export project in Pearl Delta area.

1985 Dynasty Furniture Ltd founded and laid the foundation of Agile Group.